Oxford Garden Fresh Box!

The Oxford Garden Fresh Box is about getting great value and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, while supporting our local farmers! Anyone can purchase a box  for either $12 or $17.  This is a local not-for-profit project that started in the Town of Ingersoll and now has grown to involve partners from around Oxford County. 

How Does it Work?
  • Once a month, by the last day of the month, you can buy a voucher for a $12 or $17 box of fresh and local (as much as possible) fruits and vegetables.
  • On the second Tuesday of each month you bring along your voucher and a bag or box to the specific location to pick up your box of produce.  Each month there is a different variety of fruits and vegetables and we include a newsletter with information and dietitian approved recipes for you to try.
  • We buy the produce in bulk and often at wholesale prices so you get great value for your money!  We  purchase from local farmers as much as possible--so you are helping the local economy! You are also helping the the environment by reducing harmful emissions that are associated with the transportation of produce from faraway places!
Where an you Purchase a Voucher?

Vouchers are sold in Ingersoll:
  • Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre
  • Ingersoll Pharmasave
  • Victoria Park Community Centre
  • Ingersoll Services for Seniors
Vouchers are sold in Woodstock at:
  • Woodstock and District Developmental Services (WDDS)
  • Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre (cash only)
Where Can you Pick-up your Garden Fresh Box:

On the last Tuesday of the month at:

  • Ingersoll Pharmasave @ 19 King Street East, Ingersoll from 5 - 8 pm OR
  • Woodstock and District Developmental Services @ 212 Bysham Park Drive, Woodstock, from 4 -  6 pm

For more information call:  Beth or Wanda @ 519-539-7447 or Linda @ 519-539-1111 x 205.